Service user feedback 2022-2023

Each service user who had an independent advocacy case resolved during 2022-23 was asked what they thought about the service they had received.

96% of our clients who provided feedback were satisfied with the service they received, with 80% feeling the service was either very good or excellent.

80% 16% 4%
92% of our clients who provided feedback felt that the service had been helpful for them, with 80% feeling that the service was either very or extremely effective.
80% 12% 8%

Service users were also asked if there was anything else they wanted us to know;

'its good'
'(The advocate) was full of knowledge, genuine with an excellent personality. Thank you so much.'
'(The advocate) was very helpful and was a great advocate.'
'My advocate supported me throughout the 2 years I was working with her. Without her I don’t know how I would of gone through it.'
'(The advocate) was brilliant to work with.'
'(The advocate) was friendly and gave me confidence and was understanding'
'(The advocate) was awesome. I have difficulty recognising early signs of needing help, but it is a relief knowing you are there to step in for me.'

(Data from AMW evaluation process Apr-2022 to Mar-2023)