Victim Assist Case Study

The Issue
A referral was recieved from an adult with a learning disability regarding an incident that had occurred in the past. An advocate was allocated to the case and they spoke with the service user in privacy and confidence regarding the incident.
The service user stated that they had been raped by a former associate.
The incident had occured two years ago; it had not been reported at the time and their had been no further contact with the person afterwards.
However recently, the person had attempted to get back in contact.
This had left the service user feeling extremely frightened and vulnerable.
The Advocacy work

The advocate met regularly with the service user to ensure they understand their legal rights regarding the incident and the options that were available. After discussing their options at length with the advocate, the service user decided to contact the police.
The advocate supported the service user to report the crime and helped them to inform the police of the immediate concerns regarding the current situation. 
The advocate supported the service user to attend an interview requested by the police. Before the interview the advocate helped the service user to understand what would happen. The advocate also ensured that the police were aware of the service user's learning disability so they could ensure the interview was conducted in the correct way.
During the interview the advocate was by the person's side to provide advocacy support. After the interview the advocate reviewed what had happened and helped the service user understand what would happen next. The advocate ensured that the service user was kept up to date with the progress of the case during each stage of the police investigation.
They were kept informed of the actions the police had taken; including the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.
The advocate also provided the client with options for further support.
The client chose to contact Ynys Saff SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre).
Ynys Saff (Safe Island) is a sexual assault referral centre where a range of specially trained, experienced professionals give help, support and advice to men, women, children and young people, following sexual assault in Cardiff and the Vale.
The outcome
The service user grew in confidence and began to liaise with SARC and the police independently. They reached the stage where they were able to maintain contact with these agencies without the need for further advocacy support.
SARC continued to provide the client with advice and emotional support. They were able to provide support for the client through the criminal justice system and ongoing contact with the police. They were also able to offer the service user access to appropriate counselling services.