Quality Performance Mark

The Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) is a robust, quality assessment and assurance system for providers of independent advocacy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In September 2009 we were the first organisation in Wales to be awarded the QPM. We were awarded the 3rd edition QPM in 2015 (the new edition reflecting changes in both practice and legislation).

Continuing to attain this much sought after award demonstrates our ongoing commitment and ability to provide high quality independent advocacy.

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Demonstrating good practice
In addition to AMW achieving the QPM award, the assessors singled out special areas of good practice, in particular:

Advocacy Matters (Wales) is a well-led and well-structured organisation. It was clear from the site visit that independence and clarity of purpose are well embedded at all levels in the organisations.

There are a number of projects underway at any one time and each of the advocates works across all the projects. This helps to maintain and develop skills and ensure a sustainable model of service delivery.

Outcomes measures are used to not only record a client’s progress during the advocacy relationship but are also analysed to identify emerging trends or common issues. These are then used to develop new projects to address issues such as parenting and hate crime.

There are good relationships in place with other statutory and third sector organisations to provide whole-life support to clients.

A well established client involvement group helps past and present clients influence the direction of Advocacy Matters (Wales).

All advocates and support staff are trained to communicate well with people with learning disabilities, autism and those who may have complex requirements.