Welcome to Advocacy Matters Wales (AMW) 
Advocacy Matters Wales exists to promote the independent voice and protect the rights and choices of individuals with a disability in South Wales.

We provide essential support for adults with a learning disability or autism spectrum conditions, when there is a difficult issue that needs to be addressed. 

All of us go through difficult periods in life. Sometimes we reach a crisis point, when there is a particular problem that just won't go away. Its times like this that a person needs someone on their side; someone independent and non-judgemental, with the right skills and knowledge to help.

We provide focussed one to one advocacy support. We help people examine their problem, make their own choices and understand the outcome of their decisions. We provide active support for a persons position, helping them to achieve the outcome that they want. We help ensure that an individuals opinion is listened to, that their voice is clearly heard and their rights are upheld.